Family Memories Photo Book Design Software Features

photo book software screenshot, user interface

1. Main Menu:
Book design software main functions.

2. Quick Access Toolbar:
Instant access to all major functions from this toolbar, such as Add New Page, Save Page, Add Text, and Rotate the photo, etc.

3. File Folder Viewer:
Navigate through your hard drive to locate the photo folders.

4. Photo Folder Viewer:
Photo thumbnail view to help you identify the photos you want to add to your photo book.

5. Workspace:
The actual working area to design your photo album page.

6. Design Tool Tab:
The design tools you will need to create your photo album, which include the Templates, Backgrounds and Elements you can apply to each page, the Frames you can add to your photo, and the Preview of your photo page. You should be able to use them by dragging and dropping from the Design Tool Tab area into the workspace.























photo book set up screen

1. Brief Book Name:
A brief 10-character book name used as a reference to identify your photo album.

2. Footer Text:
Family Memories allows you to add a footer text line that is printed at the bottom outside of each page. Usually it tells what the book is about. The footer will always be printed in black.

3. Page Numbers:
If you would like the page number to print on each page, check the "Print Page Number" box.

4. One or Two-Side Printing:
Your photo book can be printed either simplex or duplex.

5. Default Font:
Even though you can use any of the fonts on your computer, you can always set up a default font, so that every time you add text, that font will be automatically selected for you. This is a very handy tool when you have a lot of texts to add in a book. This will work perfectly if you make a cookbook or journal book.
























original photo
Original Photo
add border
Add Border
Crop the Photo
adjust brightness
Adjust Brightness

adjust contrast
Adjust Contrast
adjust stuation
Adjust Saturation
adjust gamma
Adjust Gamma
convert to grayscale

convert to negative
convert to sepia tone
add frames
Add Frame
flip horizontally
Flip Horizontally

enter texts

Text can be added in any font and any color at different sizes. You are also able to make the text alignment selection among 3 options: left-justify, right-justify and center.

page templates
Templates: Over 100 of the page layout templates will help you start the book design easily and quickly, yet you are not limited to these templates. Any of the photo or text object on the template can be moved, rotated or deleted. Meanwhile, new photos or text boxes can be added to existing templates too. You will have the full flexibility on the page layout!
page background
Backgrounds: Once you have selected the template, you can select the page background from different design themes or you can just have a white background instead.

embellishments and design elements
Elements: Add personal flavor with our decorative embellishments.
add frames to your photo
Frames: Style your photo with a special frame.

multi photo collage
9-Photo Template: Add multiple photos onto one page using the provided 9-photo template.
flexibility in design
Layout Flexibility: Rotate, resize or move any photos on a page originally created with a template providing full flexibility on the page.

add text on the photo
Text On Photo: Add text on top of the photo. The text can be in any font or color and at any direction.
making a collage
Photo Collage: Making a photo collage page is quick and easy.

layered objects, overlay text and photo
Photo, Text Overlay: Photo and text objects can be overlayed with each other.
rearrange page order
Rearrange Pages: Pages can be rearranged easily with a user-friendly interface.

two page spread editing
Edit in Two-Page Spread: Photo alignment becomes a lot easier in the two-page spread editing mode.
preview in spreads
Preview Pages: Pages can be previewed in 2-page spread format.